• 1 RULES
    The Tournament will be played in accordance with applicable sections of the FIFA rules and the Dutch F.A. rules. In questions of interpretations of FIFA rules, the English text applies.
    In all age groups playing eleven-a-side, are allowed to make 5 substitutions during a game. A player who has been taken off the pitch during an earlier substitution is allowed back in a later substitution (roll-on-subs). However a team can make a maximum of 5 subs per game. In all age groups playing seven-a-side/eight-a-side  are allowed to make unlimited (roll-on)substitutions. All of these substitutions have to be carried out according to FIFA ruling, so when the ball is out-of-play and after permission of the referee.
    In all age groups playing eleven-a-side  games will have a duration of 1 x 30 minutes. In all age groups playing seven-a-side teams / eight-a-side games will have a duration 1 x 20 minutes.  The before mentioned durations apply to games in both the group stages as well as the playoff games.

All final games that end in a draw will be decided in a penalty shoot-out. There will be no extra time / overtime played at the Oss Talent Cup.

    As normal, so;
    3 points for a win
    1 point for a draw
    0 points for a loss

In case of two or more teams are equal in points the ranking will be decided as follows:
1. Goal difference
2. Number of goals scored
3. Mutual game result
Should neither of the above offer a solution then;
1. In case of both teams playing at the same venue at the same time; a penalty shoot-out will decide.
2. In case a penalty shoot-out is not possible, the tournament organization will decide through the drawing of lots. The result of this drawing will be announced on the Easter Open website and protest against this result cannot be made.

    All teams are obliged to drop a fully entered player roster at the local tournament organization (on time) before the start of their first game. This list will show names, and date of birth of all players. Players can be asked by the (local) organization to identify themselves. If a player does not have any (official) identification with him/her or refuses to show, the organization can decide to suspend that player for the rest of the tournament. ONLY the (local) organization decides whether or not to ask someone for identification. Should it turn out that after identification a player proofs to be too old for his or her age group then all previous games will result in a 0-1 loss. Also this player will be suspended for the rest of the tournament and the (local) organization can decide to send home the entire team.

A player is only allowed to play for 1 team during the tournament. A team can play with a maximum of 3 approved dispensation players who may be maximum one year older age for his/her group.

    Teams are required to be present at the pitch where there match is being played, fully changed, at least 5 minutes before the start of the game. Teams not meeting to the fixed time for the game starts, without special reasons, loose the game 0-1 by walk-over. Not being able to find the venue is not a legitimate reason. It is therefore very important that you check at the end of the first day where and at what time you play on the Sunday. Should your team be late, with proper reason, please contact the (local)organization in time.
    If two teams are playing in the same colored shirt, the first mentioned team on the roster will have to change shirts. All teams are obliged to bring extra shirts with them. If available you can ask the local club volunteers if they have pull-over-vests. If teams cannot come to a proper solution the local organization will decide what to do with the result.
    All games will be played with official referees who are assigned by our referee committee. These referees come from Holland, Germany and Scotland and are all member of their FA. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a referee from a neutral country for each game, but will appoint one when possible. ALL teams are obliged to have a capable assistant referees present for their games. These assistants will have an assisting role and are allowed to give offside, however the referee decides whether or not to take over this advice. During the finals the organization will appoint two neutral assistant referees. ALL decisions taken by referees on the pitch during or after the game are final and protests about refereeing decisions cannot be made. Complaints about referees will only be possible in very exceptional circumstances. Only the eleven-a-side teams must have linesman.
    A player who is cautioned/yellow carded by the referee has to leave the pitch for a 5-minute penalty. The player may not be substituted during this period. A player who is cautioned twice in one match is sent off for the remainder of that game. A player who is sent off with a direct red card, is sent off for the remainder of that game, and is suspended for the next game. If the (local)organization feels that the foul is more serious, a player can be suspended for more games.
    In case of the referee abandoning the match following procedure will be carried out;
    – The referee will declare a reason for abandonment
    – Referee and local organization will decide which team(s) is guilty of the abandonment
    – If one team is pointed out then this team will lose the game with 0-1 and may be expelled from the tournament
    – If both teams are pointed out then these team will get a point deducted each and may be expelled from the tournament

If a team is found guilty of repeated misbehaviour or in case of severe violent conduct the organization will not hesitate to expel the offender(s). We stand for respect and fair play. Misbehaviour by fans, or even worse, by team officials will be condemned hard by the organization and this will most likely result in the expelling of the entire team. In all cases of severe violent conduct, or bodily harm we will always call in the local authorities (Police).
Again, all decisions in these matters taken by referee or (local)organization are binding and protests about these decisions cannot be made.

  • 10 7v7 / 8v8 EXCEPTIONAL RULINGS
    – GOAL KICKS: May be taken from any point inside the 8 meter penalty area. Goal kicks may be either taken from the ground OR out of the hands.
    – BACKPASS: Are allowed to be picked up by the goalkeeper.
    – CORNER KICKS: Will be taken from the corner mark.
    – PENALTY KICKS: Will be taken at 8 meters from the goal line.
    – FREE KICKS: All free kicks are direct free kicks and can be scored from.

Starting this year referees after the final whistle will ask both coaches to sign the match sheet for the correct result. This will help to prevent false scores. If a coach refuses to sign because of any other reason than the score not being correct he automatically agrees. If however you see an incorrect result being entered in “” on our website we ask you to report this to the organization. On Saturday results can be changed UNTILL 7 PM only ! After this time all results and standings are final. All results and standings will be published on our website.

    – Each team is expected to arrive in sports clothing at the accommodation. After the games players will be able to shower in a locker room.
    – The organization is NOT responsible for the loss or theft of private items.
    – Please make sure that your players have the proper insurance both on and off the pitch. Oss Talent Cup cannot be held responsible for injuries, illness, theft or damaging of properties and or persons. The Organization is in no way responsible for any financial damages caused by war, government-strikes, roadblocks, or any other actions caused by (local) authorities, and/or violent actions by other persons. Participating players (or coaches) who were not able to get the proper medical insurance in Holland, must carry their own personal medical insurance. We advise everyone not to leave any valuable behind in the class- or dressing rooms.
    – Violent conduct or vandalism will be reported to the local authorities. The organization will report physical violence or destruction of property to the police and will hold the responsible person(s) liable for any damage costs. If the person(s) responsible is a member of the team, the whole team will be expelled from the tournament. If the person(s) responsible is a parent or random spectator he or she will be removed from the venue and denied further access to the ground for the rest of the tournament.
    – In case of severe weather conditions the organization can decide to postpone games or part of the tournament. The organization cannot be held responsible for any financial damage that teams suffer, as a result of this decision.
    – All spectators have to stay at least 2 yards from the pitch. This also goes for teams who are waiting to play there next game on the pitch and the earlier game is still going. Referees will be instructed not to start the game before everyone at the proper distance from the field, the game will not be started and organization will take action against the person(s) responsible.
    – It is prohibited for participating teams, to bring alcoholic beverages to the grounds!! Teams violating this ruling shall be expelled from the tournament.
    It is not possible to file complaints against decisions taken on or off the pitch. All decisions by referees, our (local) tournament organizations are binding and final.
    In all cases where these tournament rules do not provide an answer the tournament board will decide.